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Lifts Improve Worker Safety 01/13/2020

Work Access Lifts improve worker safety for numerous manufacturing & assembly jobs.  As the workforce ages, pressure exists to increase output.  Work access lifts are an essential tool for achieving this.

Whether a small skid steer or a massive aircraft wing, assembly jobs often require workers to be in ergonomically challenging positions.  Crawling on hands and knees, fetching, carrying heavy tools, climbing ladders, and over-extending reach past guidelines contribute to injury.  According to recent estimates, these practices also reduce productivity by as much as 20%.

In the past, work access lifts were only deemed necessary for massive assembly operations.  Lifts are considered to be helpful tools for line workers, but especially vital for mature laborers.  Today the average manufacturing and assembly worker is between 27-48 years old.  Though this places more experience and expertise on the line, the workforce is not as agile.  With pressure to source labor in the United States, there is great demand to work more efficiently while making safety a top priority.  In order to accomplish this, the market has responded with more work access lift options.

In the past, exhaustion and injury were viewed as part of the job.  “Efficient enough” was an acceptable standard.  Work access lifts were rarely used for small to mid-sized jobs where ladders or scaffolding would suffice.  Over the last few years, the mindset has shifted from saving time to focusing on accident and injury prevention.

From Ergonomic Tool to Productivity Powerhouse:  Since they hit the market, the key selling point for work access lifts has been their clear ergonomic benefits.  Even though work access lifts are good ergonomic tools because they position the worker to the work—which is the foundation of ergonomics—the real gain for the company is productivity and efficiency.  Quite simply:  to improve output, position the worker ideally so he/she can get the work done efficiently and safely.  See more information here.


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