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Safe Space-Saving Storage Solution 12/12/2019

A custom glide out is designed as an ergonomic solution to help increase productivity and reduce injuries providing access to products and materials quickly and safely.

The system used is equipped with high weight capacity shelves, supporting up to 4,000 pounds that glide out smoothly for easier access to items on each shelf. Heavy items can be stored on shelves to maximize floor space for a heavy duty solution for a number of applications.

Your Glide-Out can be customized with a range of standard and unique accessories to fit specific handling requirements. For example, one customer requested that long, pipe stock be held in place to avoid rolling and movement during load and unload. Adjustable material dividers were provided as shown in the images below.

Close up view of adjustable material dividers                                 Full system view with adjustable material dividers                   







Below is another example of an application where side supports were installed on each shelf as added safety. The side supports are welded to the shelf to prevent heavy, tall grinding wheels from tipping during load and unload. The shelves glide out to allow the grinding wheels to be lifted from above by a hook. Each shelf is adjustable to accommodate a variety of storage heights offering a space saving solution.

                                                                                        Heavy duty side supports



Our Glide-Outs are a built to last solution perfect for storing dies, castings, engine components, generators, chemicals, and other materials that are too valuable to handle with a forklift. With the ability to accessorize it’s easy to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.  See additional styles and projects here.


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