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Rousseau and Warner provide One-Stop Solution for Storage 09/13/2018

The benefits of an ergonomic workspace tailored to the user’s specific needs are well known, not to mention the positive effect on productivity for employees working in an organized and appealing work environment. Rousseau Metal has known this for a long time, which is why its focus has always been on creating comprehensive and modular storage solutions. With Rousseau, the product is tailored to the customer, not the other way around.

Rousseau’s modular cabinet is probably the company’s best-known product and is undoubtedly the most versatile on the market. With a load capacity of 400 pounds per drawer, unrivaled durability, and a wide choice of dimensions and accessories, it is ideal for those working daily in maintenance, factories, automotive dealerships, and many other industries. Safety for both the user and stored items is a priority for Rousseau. This is why there are different locking and safety mechanisms available for both the cabinet and the drawers within it. For example, you can use the patented One-Drawer-at-a-Time System to prevent situations where the cabinet might tip forward if more than one drawer is open. And because the product is designed to be customized to each customer, you can also choose from many different options, such as the work surface, partitions and dividers for drawers, foam for tools, and bases or casters.

Rousseau drawers are also renowned for their quality and versatility. They can also be installed in shelving made by Rousseau or by about 30 other manufacturers. One advantage of this type of system that combines both shelves and drawers is that small and large parts can be stored in the same unit. By transitioning from a shelves-only system to a hybrid system, you can reclaim up to 70% of your floor space. So, you really can “grow from the inside”! Furthermore, Rousseau shelving uses a common post system, which means it is easier and more affordable to create rows of shelving.

By using cabinets and shelving, with or without drawers, your storage is now under control. You probably only need workstations to ensure the space is as functional as possible. Rousseau’s range of workbenches and workstations really highlights the modularity of the manufacturer’s products. Choose the workstation height so that it’s ideal for the user. Then decide on the right type of work surface for the job at hand, whether that’s painted steel, stainless steel, wood, laminate or dissipative. Extra storage can then be added on top or below the work surface. The ingenious design offers unparalleled versatility thanks to a wide range of accessories, including aerosol can holders, hooks and tackboards.

Rousseau’s excellent reputation was built from the company’s cabinets, shelving and workstations. But innovation is one of the manufacturer’s core values and other products with the same high quality and modularity have recently launched on the market. One such product is the MultiTek Cart. This small, heavy-duty mobile workstation is the perfect work companion. Drawers and roll-out shelves are available on three sides, and utility panels can be installed on each side so that frequently used tools can be stored within easy reach. The TekZone Workstation Hutch is another example. It combines ergonomics, lots of space and organization to provide a dedicated area for technical tasks. Install the hutch on your workbench or cabinet to create a secure work area that can be completely closed off with the high-quality pull-down door.

With Warner Specialty/Rousseau products, you will benefit from versatile and diverse solutions that can be properly tailored to your needs. Click here ,contact us ,or call 203-691-9030 to discuss the possibilities and to begin designing your ideal workspace.

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