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Respond to Covid-19 in the Workplace 04/07/2020

Warner Specialty Products is open and eager to assist customers during and after the Covid-19 crisis.  As we are forced to scrutinize our current work areas, it may make sense to separate areas, workers, and tasks.  One easy and economical way to do this is by installing a modular office structure.

Modular offices can be

*SIMPLE such as partitions or modular walls as seen here and can be used to:

  • Do a quick floor to ceiling separation of desks or workstations
  • Create free standing walls as low as 6 feet to separate workers
  • Create a quiet comfortable work area

*EASY such as in plant modular office buildings seen here and can assist in:

  • Separating staff to provide privacy and a quiet work area
  • Freeing up floor space by installing a two story configuration

*CUSTOMIZED such as the following isolation room on casters.  Warner Specialty Products appreciates a challenge:  Let us create a product that will address your unique needs.

*SOPHISTICATED such as an Isolation or negative pressure rooms for worker health and safety as seen here and can provide:

  • Negative pressure and directed airflow
  • Sealed wall surfaces
  • Temperature guidance and filtration conditions
  • Self closing doors

We are available by email, phone 203-691-9030, or video chat (Facetime, Zoom, Skype, etc.) anytime to help determine what may work best for your location and budget.  Overall, we are here to help your organization’s rapid response, adaptation to change, and reemergence in a position of strength. 

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