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Remove Snow & Ice Safely with Work Platforms and Rooftop Fall Protection 11/03/2020

Vehicle Access Platforms

A simple work platform designed for portability so the user can safely and quickly access the top of vehicles for snow.  Features can include, but are not limited to:  Roof Oriented at Waist Height for Optimum Ergonomics, Heavy Duty Structural Channel Frame, Open under Frame for Snow Clearance, Platforms (if more than one platform height is needed) can be fastened Together, 48″ wide grip Strut Walking Surfaces, Removable Side Rails, and Swing Gate at Each Access Point to Ladder.  Failure to remove snow from Commercial Vehicles could result in fines up to $1,250/ea.  Contact us for a free quote.

Rooftop Fall Protection

We offer fall protection equipment that does not require any anchoring in the roof and that complies with OSHA standards.  Protect your workers with a 100% freestanding, no-penetration, fall protection system suitable for virtually any type of flat roof construction.  Aluminum railing prevents peeling paint and offers resistance to rust and deterioration. 10 year warranty. Contact us for an easy no-cost estimate.

To properly prepare your roof for snow removal, the following is recommended:

(A) Snow chute bounded by a guardrail

(B) Warning line delimiting the buffer zone

(C) 2 m (6’6″) buffer zone around the roof. This area will not be cleared of snow.

(D) Skylight or roof access hatch protected by a guardrail

(E) Parapet

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