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Reduced/Preferred Pricing on Synetik Ergonomic Chairs 09/16/2020

   Same quality, same material, same service, but LOWER pricing.  Synetik recently offered Warner Specialty Products preferred pricing, making our cost the lowest available in the US. NOW is the time to upgrade to ergonomic seating, an often overlooked but integral aspect of workplace comfort and productivity.  According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a proper ergonomic chair “provides necessary support to the upper and lower body while decreasing potential awkward positioning, contact pressure, and overexertion of muscles.”

Besides high quality industrial and office chairs, Synetik manufactures some of the best ergonomic Welding chairs in the world.  Designed for the harsh and demanding welding environment, these chairs have both specialty suede and padded material which resists the intense heat and flame emitted by welding tools.

We have an ergonomic chair or stool for any workplace environment and/or worker.  Allow us to extend our generous discount to you!  Volume discounts begin at orders of 5+.

Upgrading your seating has never been so affordable! Contact us now so we can find the right product for a happy, healthy and productive workforce! 

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