Mezzanines & Partitions

We can design & build an industrial strength mezzanine around the existing layout of your facility or warehouse, matching its exact height, area and load requirements to double storage and/or work space. Wire partitions can be customized to Keep tools, materials, and personal property secure when not in use

Warner Specialty Products proudly builds industrial mezzanines in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont.


Used in a wide variety of applications and offer great flexibility in set-up and restructuring if needed. These structures are considered capital equipment and, thus, can be depreciated over a shorter period of time – providing tax advantages.

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Vertical Material Lifts

Also known as Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs), provide a perfect solution for transferring high-capacity freight between levels.

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Wire Partitions

Our partitions create secure and reliable work or storage space exactly where you need it. The open, wire mesh design is resistant to wear, allows air to circulate and light to penetrate fully. Your partition looks great even after years of use.

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Industrial Curtains/Softwalls

Protect against dust and particulate containment, odors, overspray, fume, noise and temperature control, and cross-contamination

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Air Curtains

Warner Specialty air curtains protect building environments from energy loss and windborne dust, dirt and fumes, while improving sanitation and reducing operational energy costs.

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