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Fall Protection Systems

Warner Specialty Products Fall Protection systems include engineered track systems, rooftop cable and rooftop rail systems that are adaptable to virtually any application environment, from low ceilings, to airplane hangars, to no ceilings, as well as almost any type of roof. Shop our wide selection of fall arrest systems and equipment to ensure safety and stability at your work site.


Freestanding, no-penetration, fall restraint systems feature hand and knee rails held by uprights attached to long stand bases and concrete counterweights. Suitable for virtually any type of roof construction.

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Allow workers to move freely, while always attached to the horizontal wire rope lifeline.

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Customized platforms for safe and efficient access to any product.

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Inverted Beam Systems

protecting workers who need to access the top of a tall vehicle for maintenance or loading/unloading

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Ceiling Mounted Systems

These systems do not require floor space to install columns, so they can easily protect workers in tall ceiling height situations

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