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Cabinets, Bin Racks, Shelving, & Carousels

Maximum the organization and productivity of your work space

Mobile Bin Rack

The mobile bin rack allows you to move your storage location throughout your facility.

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Drawer Cabinet

This storage cabinet with integrated drawers comes in various configurations. It can used in conjunction with the storage carousel or the mobile cart or just sitting on bench top.

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Storage Carousel

Create a high-density storage system by Mixing steel frame cabinets to suit your individual needs. The rugged ball-transfer base allows for smooth rotation and easy access to parts.

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Louvered Panel Systems

Maximize floor space and handling efficiency by utilizing a louvered hanging system. The system is the ultimate in flexibility allowing for various size storage bins.” Louvers allow bins to securely hang, keeping parts and supplies organized and out of the way. Wall-mounted panels, floor racks, and bench racks available.

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Tip out bin system

Clear tilting bins can be used on a desktop; attached to steel rails, frames or louvered panels, and are wall mountable

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