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Mezzanines and Modular Offices: Build Up, Not Out 04/04/2018

If your warehouse or manufacturing facility is like many, making the most of a given space is of particular concern. Cluttered, cramped, and unorganized spaces can be quite problematic for productivity, ergonomics, and morale.  Installing a mezzanine with or without a modular office is a quick, cost effective solution which does not restrict a current floor plan.  A modular office on a mezzanine allows a new office, or breakroom or conference room to be installed in your current facility, without encroaching on existing space. Additionally, a benefit of building up instead of out is that normal work processes continue throughout construction.  Modular offices can be equipped with HVAC and/or soundproofing to keep your employees cool and comfortable.  Examples of our modular offices can be found here:

6 reasons to install a Warner Mezzanine or Modular Office

  1. Maximize use of existing areas by transforming unused space. Unlimited options for modifying your present interior spatial configuration. All without the expense of modifying the building layout!
  2. Money Saved: Increase your warehouse and/or office capacity. Important!!!!  Not only are mezzanines and modular offices less expensive than new construction or relocation, you also benefit from a significant tax depreciation advantage.
  3. Floor Space Maximized: When it comes to floor space, you have way more than you think. Install a mezzanine/modular office and transform unused space into a profitable work or storage area. No job is too small or too large.
  4. Custom-Built and Reconfigurable: With hundreds of application possibilities, the choice is yours. Mezzanines and Modular Offices can be reconfigured to adapt to your changing needs
  5. Best in Class Engineering: If needed, our experienced engineers will design your individual layout to meet the exact building code, safety regulations and seismic conditions in your area.
  6. Turnkey Service across North America: From quoting to final installation, we provide fast, accurate and professional service anywhere in North America. Our team of experts and recommended installers have you covered.

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