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Height Adjustable Work Platforms aren’t complicated 11/11/2019

Height Adjustable work platforms need not be complex nor complicated.  A recent project presented a need to safely access a powered rotation table at various heights.  A quote and design sketch, seen below, was developed with basic dimensions based on the customer’s measurement of the work area.  It was agreed that the custom platform would have a lowered height of 16” and a raised height of 28” operated by 110V power cord.  Two guardrails were included as well as a set of articulating stairs.  Lift controls are finger activated via a switch placed at location determined by the customer.  After the customer placed an order a more formal approval drawing was provided.  Fabrication was complete in 4 weeks.  The customer took delivery of the 36” Wide, 72” Long Custom Ergonomic Work Platform and easily maneuvered it into place for immediate use.  Let us help you make your work area safer, more efficient, and OSHA compliant with a custom height adjustable work platform.  Click here to see more Height Adjustable Work Platforms.

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