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Expand Space with Minimal Cost 08/10/2020

Any business can expand the amount of usable floor space without the significant costs associated with building additions. By designing and installing an in-plant mezzanine, distribution centers, warehouses, and factories benefit from additional space.  Even indoor sports facilities, restaurants, training facilities, and garages have utilized in-plant mezzanines as a practical, quick, and cost sensitive solution to space or organizational challenges.

Mezzanine Advantages:

  1. Easily Increase Available Floor Space. Simply put: use space above that would otherwise be open and unused.
  2. Cost-Effective Solution. Increase floor space without costly building expansion allows for the installation of more equipment, ability to store more items, and have additional room for workers without a building extension.
  3. Improved Efficiency and Productivity. Increase the amount of space your workers have to get their job done and allow them to work faster and more efficiently. A better organized, less cluttered shop floor creates a reduced risk for accidents and injuries.
  4. Customize for specific needs and space. The options are plentiful and all comply with the strictest of OSHA guidelines. For Example:

Flooring options:  resin, corrugated, grating, etc.

Staircase options:  determine the angle best suited for your facility, add a landing or safety gate

Handrails:  2 or 3 handrails or wire mesh, you have the freedom to choose.

  1. Quick. We make it easy to go from design to install, sometimes in as little as 8 weeks. The process is simple:

Step 1: Free Design Consultation (onsite available)

Step 2: Quotation is provided

Step 3: Order Placed and Approval Drawing is provided

Step 4: Production (time varies depending on project)

Step 5:  Delivery and on site installation



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