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Custom Projects

Warner Specialty specializes in custom projects for many different applications and settings. Some of these include custom designed workstation jibs, manipulators, bridge cranes, and custom lifting and tilting equipment.  Please look through some examples of our previous projects.

Space Program Lift

Custom lift designed and engineered to hold, turn, and rotate a large fixture for the United States Space Program.

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Custom Manipulator

Automatic Manipulator designed to allow customer to work on transmission housings. The Manipulator is completely automatic and allows heavy and awkward items to be lifted up & dow ...

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Customized Lift and Storage Unit

Material handling shelf unit with 6 Shelves each with one heavy duty drawer slides and locking mechanism. Unit is custom mounted to a modified lift cart

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Custom Work Platform with built-in lift

Platform with built in Lift allows workers to assemble engines at the appropriate ergonomic height. Project incorporated material/kit lifts to bring components from ground level to ...

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Custom Light Fixture Assembly

Custom Light Fixture Assembly Jig. Light Manufacturer had need for a custom assembly jib for fabrication of specialty fixtures. Three plastic lined support blocks ride feely along ...

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ESD Gate

Designed for end user who had a need to control static via ESD gate. When the user steps on the specialized footgate, electromagnet disengages allowing the gate to open and the us ...

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Height Adjustable Stainless Steel Platform

An ergonomic solution for workers in a manufacturing facility with a need to work at varying heights.  This customized height adjustable Stainless Steel platform was designed with ...

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Custom Work Platform with Circular Opening for Jet Engine Assembly

Telescoping circular cut-outs raise engines through mezzanine so product can be accessed on both ground and mezzanine level

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Custom Storage Solutions

Allow us to customize your area to maximize space and optimize organization.  Free site visits can be scheduled.

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