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Custom Work Platform with Precision Aperture Iris Cut-Out 06/04/2018

Jet engine assembly manufacturer had a need to access engines at a ground as well as a mezzanine level.  Warner Specialty Products designed a state of the art mezzanine structure with a scissor lift and “Aperture”.  The Aperture or “Iris” allows the platform to close 360 degrees around the engine.   

Custom features for each lift were uniquely designed for the customer’s jet engine assembly process:

The Engine Lift, a custom Double Pantograph scissor lift which features an alignment fixture to secure the customer’s engine stand.  Once the engine is cradled in the stand, the mechanics can operate the scissor lift from the upper or lower level work station to position the engine to the different working heights. The Double Pantograph has a capacity of 9,000lbs with a 60 inch travel.

Scissor Lift Safety Features include:

  • Full Accordion Skirt to protect the scissor lift mechanisms from dirt and debris.
  • Electronic Bumper Switch to prevent the scissor lift from moving if a worker is leaning against it while performing their task, or it will stop the lift while in transition if the bumper encounters an obstruction.
  • Emergency Stop Button for the upper and lower work stations.

The Aperture Work Platform.  The “Aperture” design allows the platform to close 360 degrees around the product.  It is driven by a gear motor and 6 linear actuators that will “open/shut” steel skin wedges around the cylindrical engine (from fully open at 66” diameter, down to 2” diameter when fully closed) to allow safe, “walk-on” access.  Even when the engine isn’t present the aperture closes completely to allow safe egress across the work platform.  The aperture work platform has a capacity of 500lbs.

Custom Aperture Work Platform (Aperture) Features include:

  • Push button controls to operate the aperture.
  • Limit switches to stop the platform from opening or closing if an object should come in contact with it.
  • A hand crank in case loss of power occurs.
  • A brush seal mounted to the circumference of the mezzanine platform to ensure no loose parts or debris can be wedged between the platform parts.

Custom turn-key lifting solutions from Warner give manufacturers like this one the substantial capacity to optimize production and experience immediate results, most notably:

  • Productivity – the mechanics will be able to keep up with production volume by having two work stations and two custom lift systems to keep the assembly process moving more efficiently.
  • Safety – lowers risk of injury by lifting the engine and tools to a safe working height for the employees, while the custom aperture work platform provides a safe working surface to conduct precise assembly work.
  • Time savings –the lift systems were designed to interface with the new vertical assembly station and helps keep everything in one central location and moving between levels as the job requires.

Watch the Aperture in action here (produced by our design team)

Mezzanine Top Side:

Overview of Mezzanine 

Scissor Lift to raise engine

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