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Efficient Storage Systems is Key Element in Optimizing Space 09/16/2019

Maximize storage space and reclaim wasted space!  Choosing the appropriate shelving for your specific needs is essential to proper organization and design.  Two CT companies recently contacted Warner Specialty Products to assist with new projects.  The first, The Funky Monkey, an upscale children’s games, toys and clothing shop located in Greenwich, CT chose Intermetro’s Super Erecta Shelving which allows 1” shelf spacing adjustments to decrease the possibility of wasted space.  The first four images below capture the new store’s evolution from a footprint/concept to the stocked shelves.  The store’s employees were able to complete the shelf system installation in less than one day!

The final two images below demonstrate , a large CT manufacturer needed to make efficient use of their allotted storage space.  A qwikTRAK system was designed and increased the storage capacity of the area by almost 50%.  Mobile units were positioned between stationary units allowing for an active aisle to be opened between any two units as needed. This efficient utilization of space addresses the storage needs of growing operations and can eliminate the need for facility expansion or renovation.  Concerned about uneven/rough flooring?  Floor tracks compensate for rough or choppy floors and provide a smooth, level surface to guide the mobile units in a straight line.


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